New Video for ‘Your Heart’ and new remix!


Finally here’s the official video for ‘Your Heart’ created by the very talented Luke George and Alex Hancocks of Luke & Alex Animation, supported by Agile Films.

Click the link below to see it!:

And as an added extra, here’s a free download of the new remix by South London producer Skitch- it’s a bit dancey – hope you like it! Listen on Soundcloud below and click on the arrow to download….  It also comes as a free bonus track with the Your Heart EP.

Listen / Free DL:

Thanks so much for supporting me on this journey towards my debut album, feels like things are moving in the right direction. And I’m very happy to have found a little orange triangle with a big personality to do the acting for me on my first video! We have come to call him ‘Sam’ – short for ‘Salmon’ which came about because of his colour. And given Sam’s  flawless performance, I may need to go and get me some acting classes if I ever want to be in one of my future videos. Big triangular shoes to fill!

For more from Luke & Alex Animation go to:

More music is coming soon on 11th March so watch this space…..

luv Christa Vi xx