Impose magazine album preview

“After years of honing her craft and developing her sound, East London-based singer-songwriter Christa Vi is ready to release her debut album Makeshift Happiness. In fact, it will make its appearance unto the world next Friday, November 25th. But we’ve got the exclusive stream before you can purchase it, right here.

A ten track collection of quirky, at times intense, songs, Makeshift Happiness starts out on a high note with “Give & Take” and just keeps going. Although the lead track gives insight into a disagreeable relationship of sorts, the album explores a myriad of topics. Take “Fade Away”, for example, which occurs at a slower clip and addresses a fading love. Of course the title track nabs your attention with gorgeous instrumentals and poignant lyrics, such as “gonna hibernate in my makeshift happiness.”

If you’re looking for an inspiring track, the last track “Now” will bring you to a different place, while the bonus remix of it develops at a different – more intricate and experimental – pace.”

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